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Canberra's Socceroos rewarded tonight.

Football Federation Australia (FFA) today announced that twenty eight Socceroos will be presented with ‘caps’ prior to the Australia v Bahrain FIFA 2010 World Cup qualification match at Stadium Australia in Sydney.

The caps are awarded to every player who has played an 'A' international for Australia.

Danny Moulis, Tony Henderson, Gary Byrne, George Kulcsar and Ante Juric will be honoured tonight. Career details below.

113. Kevin O'Neill

Born: 15-11-25

Socceroo statistics: 12 Caps (plus 39 appearances in non–A internationals) 1949–1959

Senior career: Cessnock (NNSW), Kurri Kurri (NNSW), West Wallsend (NNSW), Lake Macquarie (NNSW), Prague (NSW)

Newcastle-based defender who captained Australia in the 1959 series against Hearts. A very long playing career included tours with the national side in 1950 (southern Africa) and 1958 (New Zealand).

136. Keith Learmonth

Socceroo statistics: 1 Cap (plus 6 appearances / 2 goals in non–A internationals) 1955–1959

Senior career: 1951-1961 Corrimal (NSW)

One of New South Wales' most prominent strikers of the 1950s, where his many goals assisted Corrimal to several state league titles. He was on the fringes of national team selection for the 1956 Olympic Games.

186. Alan Marnoch

Born: 06-04-45

Socceroo statistics: 14 Caps 1967–1969

Senior career: 1965–1975 Hakoah (NSW)

Defender who was a major force behind Hakoah's five state league premiership titles won between 1968 and 1974. He was part of Australia's gruelling so-near-but-so-far 1970 World Cup qualifying campaign.

214. Jack Reilly

Born: 27-08-43

Socceroo statistics: 15 Caps (plus 20 appearances / 2 goals in non–A internationals) 1970–1977

Senior career: 1963–1967 Hibernian (Scotland), 1968 Washington Whips (USA), 1970 Brunswick (Vic), 1971 St George (NSW), 1972–1974 Hakoah (Vic), 1976 Heidelberg (Vic), 1977–1979 South Melbourne (Australia), 1979–1980 Brunswick (Vic), 1981 Heidelberg (Australia)

Became Australia's number one goalkeeper during an extensive world tour just after arriving in the country in 1970. Australia's 1974 World Cup goalkeeper, highlighted by keeping Chile scoreless in the final game.

218. Colin Curran

Born: 21-08-47

Socceroo statistics: 22 Caps, 1 goal (plus 13 appearances / 1 goal in non–A internationals) 1970–1979

Senior career: 1964–1970, 1972, 1976 Adamstown Rosebud (NNSW), 1965–1966 Manchester United (England), 1971 Marconi (NSW), 1973–1975, 1977 Western Suburbs (NSW/Australia), 1978–1982 Newcastle KB United (Australia)

One of Newcastle's finest ever, the staunch defender was an integral part of Australia's 1974 World Cup campaign, playing in all three matches, despite battling with ongoing injuries.

245. Gary Byrne

Born: 19-07-54

Socceroo statistics: 36 Caps, 1 goal (plus 22 appearances in non–A internationals) 1975–1983

Senior career: 1971–1981 Marconi (NSW/Australia), 1973 Sutherland (NSW), 1982–1983 Canberra City (Australia), 1984–1986 Blacktown City (Australia/NSW)

A significant member of Australia's 1978 and 1982 World Cup campaigns and a vital part of Marconi's successful early NSL years, where he won a national championship medal in 1979.

249. Jim Tansey

Born: 08–08–53

Socceroo honours: 20 Caps (plus 23 appearances in non–A internationals) 1975–1981

Senior career: 1974–1976 Slavia (Vic), 1977–1983 Heidelberg (Australia), 1984 Footscray (Australia), 1985–1986 Croydon

Resolute defender, who arrived in Australia aged 21 to carve out a successful playing career for club and country. Victorian player of the year in 1976, just before the onset of the national league.

255. Kevin Mullen

Born: 17-01-54

Socceroo statistics: 3 Caps (plus 5 appearances / 2 goals in non–A internationals) 1976–1980

Senior career: 1968–1983 Hakoah/Sydney City (NSW/Australia)

Sydney-born defender with one of Australia's all-time most successful domestic league careers, having been part of five pre-NSL state league premierships and four NSL Championships.

276. Gary Meier

Born: 10-09-55

Socceroo statistics: 1 Cap 1978

Senior career: 1973–1993 Pan-Hellenic/Sydney Olympic (NSW/Australia)

Legendary goalkeeper who played out a remarkably long first-class playing career at Sydney Olympic. He made his one and only Socceroo appearance as a substitute against Greece.

278. Tony Henderson

Born: 14-01-54

Socceroo statistics: 27 Caps, 2 goals (plus 23 appearances in non–A internationals) 1979–1984

Senior career: 1970–1971 Blackpool (England), 1971–1974 Rotherham (England), 1975–1976 Durban (South Africa), 1977–1978 Canberra City (Australia), 1979–1988 Marconi (Australia), 1989 Blacktown City (Australia)

One of Australia's most decorated players of the 1980s, with a half-century of Socceroo appearances - including a captain's role - and the honour of captaining Marconi to an unforgettable NSL championship in 1988.

280. Steve O'Connor

Born: 24-11-54

Socceroo statistics: 15 Caps (plus 27 appearances in non–A internationals) 1979–1985

Senior career: 1970–1986 Hakoah/Sydney City (NSW/Australia), 1987–1988 St George (Australia), 1989 APIA Leichhardt (Australia)

Fearsome defender whose prowess at the back led Sydney City to four national league Championships in the league's first six years. He has since become prominent in the coaching department.

285. Tommy Cumming

Born: 19-06-56

Socceroo statistics: 4 Caps, 1 goal (plus 8 appearances in non–A internationals) 1979–1980

Senior career: 1976–1977 Sunshine City (Vic), 1978–1985 Melbourne Croatia (Vic/Australia), 1985–1987 Green Gully (Australia/Vic)

Attack-minded player who moved down under from Scotland aged 19. Promoted to the Australian national team directly from the state league, where he had taken out the Victorian player of the year award in 1978.

297. Danny Moulis

Born: 25-07-60

Socceroo statistics: 1 Cap, 1 goal (plus 3 appearances in non–A internationals) 1980

Senior career: 1977–1980 Canberra City (Australia), 1981–1982 Sydney Olympic (Australia)

Australian schoolboy and under-20 team representative, who was also part of a young Australian senior side at the 1980 Oceania Cup. His career was tragically cut short in 1982 with a crippling knee injury.

316. Brett Woods

Born: 04-04-63

Socceroo statistics: 1 Cap (plus 1 appearance in a non–A international) 1981

Senior career: 1979–1980 Auburn (NSW), 1981 Sydney City (NSW), 1982–1985 Sydney Croatia (NSW/Australia), 1986 Uruguayan (NSW)

Sydney-born defender aged just 18 in his first Socceroo appearance, against Indonesia in Jakarta. He assisted Sydney Croatia to two state league grand final victories just before the club entered the NSL in 1984.

319. David Ratcliffe

Born: 09-03-57

Socceroo statistics: 21 Caps, 1 goal (plus 28 appearances in non–A internationals) 1982–1986

Senior career: 1974–1978 Bradford City (England), 1978–1981 Brisbane City (Australia), 1982–1986, 1989 St George (Australia), 1987 Sydney Olympic (Australia), 1988–1991 Wollongong Wolves (Australia)

England-born defender who barely missed a Socceroo match throughout a very busy era for the national team. His leadership traits inspired lesser-fashionable NSL sides St George and Wollongong to success.

327.Peter Tredinnick

Born: 06-01-60

Socceroo statistics: 3 Caps (plus 3 appearances in non-A intenationals) 1979–1983

Senior career: 1975–1977 Lake Macquarie (NNSW), 1978–1980 Newcastle KB United (Australia), 1981–1982 Wollongong Wolves (Australia),1983–1984 APIA Leichhardt (Australia), 1985–1986 Marconi (Australia), 1987–1988 APIA Leichhardt (Australia), 1989 Heidelberg (Australia)

372. Milan Ivanovic

Born: 21-12-60

Socceroo statistics: 59 Caps (plus 12 appearances / 4 goals in non–A internationals) 1991–1998

Senior career: 1982–1985 OFK Belgrade (Yugoslavia), 1985–1986, 1988–1989 Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia), 1986–1988 Radnicki Nis (Yugoslavia), 1989–2000 Adelaide City (Australia)

Regarded by many as the finest import to come to Australia in the past thirty years. He was crowned the national league's player of the year in 1991, a very rare honour for a defensive player.

380. Andrew Marth

Born: 10-02-69

Socceroo statistics: 16 Caps, 1 goal (plus 5 appearances in non–A internationals) 1991–2000

Senior career: 1986–1989 Sunshine (Australia), 1989–1998 Melbourne Croatia/Knights (Australia), 1998–2000 Carlton (Australia), 2001–2004 Melbourne Knights (Australia), 2005–2006 Green Gully (Vic)

Steadfast defender or midfielder who was captain at Melbourne Knights throughout its glory years of the 1990s, which included two NSL Championship (1995 and 1996) and four Premiership titles.

384. Darren Stewart

Born: 17-05-66

Socceroo statistics: 3 Caps (plus 1 appearance in non–A internationals) 1992

Senior career: 1985 Newcastle Rosebud (Australia), 1986–1992 APIA Leichhardt (Australia), 1992–1996 Newcastle Breakers (Australia), 1994–1998 Johor (Malaysia), 1999–2002 Balestier Central (Singapore)

Another fine Newcastle product, who took part in Australia's 1992 President's Cup campaign. He spent several years in South East Asia, including a captain's stint at Johor in Malaysia.

385. Mike Grbevski

Born: 06-04-67

Socceroo statistics: 3 Caps (plus 1 appearance in a non–A international) 1992

Senior career: 1986 Rockdale (NSW), 1987–1989 St George (Australia), 1989–1992 Sydney Croatia (Australia), 1992–1993 Adelaide City (Australia), 1993–1994 Wollongong Wolves (Australia), 1996–1997 St George (NSW).

Solid defender who rose from the St George youth team to the seniors in 1987. Three of his four international matches were played in the 1992 Presidents Cup in Indonesia.

401. John Markovski

Born: 15-04-70

Socceroo statistics: 18 Caps, 1 goal (plus 2 appearances in non–A internationals) 1990–1998

Senior career: 1986–1988 Sunshine (Australia), 1989, 1992–1993 Preston (Australia), 1989–1990, 1995–1997 Melbourne Knights (Australia), 1990–1992 Marconi (Australia), 1993–1995 Morwell Falcons (Australia), 1997–1998, 1999–2000 Carlton (Australia), 1998–1999 Perth Glory (Australia), 2001–2002 Football Kingz (Australia)

Stylish striker whose remarkable NSL career included 372 appearances, 110 goals and a championship medal in 1996. Played - and scored twice - at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.

416. George Kulcsar

Born: 12-08-67

Socceroo statistics: 3 Caps 1996–1997

Senior career: 1986 Canberra City (Australia), 1987 St George (Australia), 1988–1990 Canberra Deakin (NSW), 1991–1997 Royal Antwerp (Belgium), 1997–1998 Bradford City (England), 1997–2001 Queens Park Rangers (England), 2001 Home United (Singapore)

Australian Institute of Sport graduate and national Under-20 representative who was part of the first wave of Australians to make their names in Europe. Known as a strong ball-winning midfielder.

417. Walter Ardone

Born: 30-01-72

Socceroo statistics: 1 Cap 1996

Senior career: 1991 Malacca (Malaysia), 1992–1993 Sydney Olympic (Australia), 1993–1994 Parramatta Eagles (Australia), 1994–1995 Heidelberg (Australia), 1995–1998 Sydney Olympic (Australia), 1998–1999 Sydney United (Australia), 1999–2001 Parramatta Power (Australia), 2002 Geylang United (Singapore).

Cultured midfielder, born in Argentina, who came through the Sydney Olympic junior ranks. His one and only Socceroo appearance was a tough one, travelling to Antofagasta to take on the Chilean national side.

426. Luke Casserly

Born: 11-12-73

Socceroo statistics: 8 Caps 1997–2001

Senior career: 1991–1998 Marconi (Australia), 1998–2000 Northern Spirit (Australia), 2000–2002 Solna (Sweden), 2002–2007 Marconi (Australia/NSW)

A distinguished NSL career of almost 200 games included seven finals series appearances. He played in every minute of every match of Australia's 1996 Olympic Games campaign.

437. Brad Maloney

Born: 19-01-72

Socceroo statistics: 6 Caps, 2 goals (plus 3 appearances in non–A internationals) 1992–2000

Senior career: 1990–1991 APIA Leichhardt (Australia), 1991–1993 Newcastle Breakers (Australia), 1993–1995 Sydney Olympic (Australia), 1995–2000 Marconi(Australia), 2000–2002 Perth Glory (Australia), 2002–2003 Parramatta Power (Australia), 2003–2006 Marconi (Australia/NSW)

Australian Institute of Sport graduate whose highlight-filled career included appearances at the 1992 Olympic Games and 1999 NSL Player of the Year.

471. Ante Juric

Born: 11-11-73

Socceroo statistics: 4 Caps, 1 goal 2002

Senior career: 1991–1993 Canberra Deakin (NSW), 1993–1994 Melbourne Knights (Australia), 1994–1995 Sydney Olympic (Australia), 1995–1996 Benfica Castelo Branco (Portugal), 1996–1997 Canberra Cosmos (Australia), 1997–2004 Sydney Olympic (Australia), 2001 Molde (Norway), 2003 Johor (Malaysia), 2004–2007 Sydney United (NSW)

Canberra born and bred player who made a name for himself in Australia's impressive World Youth Cup campaign in 1993. He is now one of the country's most astute up-and-coming coaches.

496. Travis Dodd

Born: 06-01-80

Socceroo statistics: 2 Caps, 1 goal 2006

Senior career: 1996–1999 Adelaide City (Australia), 1999–2000 Newcastle Breakers (Australia), 2000–2003 Newcastle United (Australia), 2003–2004 Parramatta Power (Australia), 2004 Johor (Malaysia), 2004–2005 Panionios (Greece), 2005– Adelaide United (Australia)

Adelaide United's captain throughout its phenomenal Asian Champions League and World Club Cup campaigns in 2008. A fast-running midfielder, he scored in his debut Socceroo match.

497. Michael Valkanis

Born: 23-08-74

Socceroo statistics: 1 Cap 2006

Senior career: 1992–1996 South Melbourne (Australia), 1996–1999 Iraklis (Greece), 1999–2001 Larissa (Greece), 2001–2002 Agios Nikolaos (Greece), 2002–2003 Adelaide City (Australia), 2003–2009 Adelaide United (Australia)

Melbourne-born defender awarded with his Socceroo debut at age 31 after a stunning inaugural Hyundai A-League season with Adelaide

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