Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ben English: First up goose.

Socceroos have qualified for the third time at the biggest tournment in World sport and the Daily Telegraph's Ben English is criticising the attendance at tonights game.

Now that is a bigger crowd than the League Centenary test, promoted just a tad, bigger than the Wallabies v Baa Baa's, promoted widely with SBW and co, and bigger than the AFL v Ireland, but the guy wants to have a go.

50,000 re: Bahrain is a great crowd for any sport, but for a football code still on the rise it's even better.

If the FTA channels covered Aussie football with any sort of fairness to reflect the interest of the game, or the Telegraph gave the sport more than half a page a day....then the game would probably be packed tonight.

When will the media give the sport more airspace? And when is the tipping point, or is the country's sports media just to locked in to other codes.

Either way Ben will have his pathetic paper full of pull-outs come World Cup won't he.

For me Australia playing game after game across Asia, qualifying for World Cups...we've only just begun...but Ben you'd know that being a Sports Editor wouldn't you!

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