Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Football $$$$$ lead the codes

AFL, Rugby Union and the relatively poor Rugby League stars can only dream of the sort of reward footballers get for playing their game.

Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill, Tim Cahill and Mark Schwarzer, can expect up to $2 million in sponsorships prior to the World Cup, according to the World Game website today.

And any A-League player or young players making the squad can expect to earn at least $233,000 each for making the last 16 of the World Cup.

Football International Agent Bernie Mandic said.

“The highest-profile Socceroos would be on a salary of $5m to $10m."

Hard for any other code to come anywhere near it, isn't it? Few players in other codes would even match Sydney FC's John Aloisi who is reported to be on $1.2 million, or $500,000 a goal.

And the FFA expect to get $8 million from qualification alone. Thank God this money is not going to old Soccer Australia.

Let's hope this journey entices a few more super Aussie athletes to stay with football. Of course they also need to be skilled with the feet which excludes many of our top players in other codes anyway.

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