Thursday, 11 June 2009

England to win World Cup

Well they beat Andorra 6-0, are top of the group by ten points and you can expect every Englishman to talk it up from here on it.

England 2010: No chance...although Mr Capello has this Irishman a tad concerned.

Still Wayne Rooney ain't Zidane, Messi or Kaka is he..and he's the best they've got.
Glorious failure, we woz robbed will be the go..always is. At ease Australia.

Just quietly: Emile Heskey played the other night.......Irishman goes off to work smiling.

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TUFC # 10 said...

Deffo gonna happen. England to win the World Cup beating Spain 2-1 in the Final. You read it here first.... :-)