Thursday, 11 June 2009

Socceroos: Biggest Sydney sports crowd this year

39,540 rocked up to celebrate Australia's qualification to the World Cup on the coldest Sydney night of the year.

Sydney's biggest winter sports crowd of the year once again turned out for football.

Wallabies drew 39,600 to their Baa Baa's clash even with SBW spruiking the interest, and of course this included the bigger playing squads.
Even the Waratahs failed to smash the 35,000 mark this season with just 33,000 watching their glamour clash against the Crusaders.

Rugby League's Centenary Test pulled in around 33,000 and wasn't that pumped.
And the AFL has seen Sydney Swans attract just 32,000 fans to their biggest game so far this year against West Coast.

And no NRL club side has come near the Socceroos mark nor will it in the normal season unless the moon and that cow does it's thing...even then I doubt they'd get 40,000

But of course the Sydney Telegraph and other media can spin it anyway you want..and so can I.

South African World a ring to it...hasn't it.


Anonymous said...

Your stats make the rugby ahead in the biggest crowd of season?

Eamonn said...

I know, it was a Telegraph, Herald Sun style Aussie journo article innit:)

Anonymous said...

and for a qualifier.