Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ever thought you are in the wrong job!

Agents? So that's why they do it.

Pitch Invasion ran this story today:

Here are the totals paid to agents for each division in 2008/9, with the approximate Aussie dollar figures in brackets.
Total amount paid to agents: £7,541,379 ($18,302,060)
Average agent fee per transaction: £53,108 ($106,744)

League One
Total amount paid to agents: £1,078,955 ($2,100,337)
Average agent fee per transaction: £17,402 ($34,349)

League Two
Total amount paid to agents: £189,167 ($447,686)
Average agent fee per transaction: £4,203 ($9,992)

Even deep down in crappy League One in England you can make $34,000 for a single transfer.

Cor if that was the incentive I'd be trying to get my players transferred every season wouldn't you? ..who is Nicky Carle's agent?

And I guess the Premiership fees are just unprintable aren't they.


Roy Law said...

In a country where 50 million people play the beautiful game I can assure you that the lower leagues are not crappy. Shane Smeltz came from the Conference (where he was unsuccesful) which is level 5 in England's football pyramid. Don't be deceived by the legions of foreign mercenaries in the EPL - it's bloody hard at any level in England. Ask Nicky Carle or Chris Coyne or Adrian Leijer or David Carney...

Eamonn said...

Roy it might be hard in any level of English football, I completely agree..but I reckon it's crappy football down in the lower leagues...I also reckon it's crappy in the EPL.

there might be 50 million people playing the beautiful game but most of it is pretty any level of the game.

I know I played and the local level for many many years, and watched the professional game live for many a year as well.

If that's how you like your football fine, I don't mind watching a good Championship game, but it's fast and furious and pretty physical...I call that crappy..exciting maybe but pretty crappy.

And the lower you go the worse it gets.

In fact I'd maintain the EPL is pretty crappy as well. Outside Man u, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool last year, teams like Everton, Wigan, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Wigan, Stoke, West Ham, Middlesboro, Newcastle, Bolton don't float my football boat etc etc...I wouldn't watch those football teams on telly never mind pay to see them live would you?

Just because they are in the EPL doesn't make them great football teams in my view.

Always good to disagree. But English football outside the four teams I've mentioned leaves me cold.