Sunday, 23 August 2009

Phil Gould: Were you drunk when you wrote that?

If it's not Pete FitzSimons writing rubbish about Union and having a dig at football, (why do journos in this country feel the need) in the Sydney Morning Herald every week, we now have Phil Gould trying to tell us that Jarryd Haynes is the greatest footballer in any code in Australia.

Phil wrote this in his article on Rugby League in the Sun Herald today.

RIGHT at this moment, Jarryd Hayne is the best player in any code of football in Australia.

He is without doubt the most dominant rugby league player in the world.

Now I've no idea if this bloke is any good, he must be I guess, but why Phil has to try and suggest he's better than Kofi Danning, Kevin Muscat, Ljubo Milicevic, Archie Thompson, and or course Jason Culina I've no idea.

Haynes is only 21 and played just 79 games in the local Eastern State Rugby League.

Culina played Champions League Football, ran around with PSV Eindhoven no less, and I'd suggest getting a gig in the Dutch League at that level is a tad harder than playing for your local professional suburban club in Sydney, and by sheer weight of numbers playing you have to be a better player to get a game don't you.

After all football is a World game where you compete against everyone else to get a contract at a Champions League Club.

And of course Tim Cahill, Brett Emerton, Lucas Neill, Harry Kewell and Mar Schwarzer are a few who have gone a tad higher and harder than the great Jarrod Haynes.

Come on Phil, whichever way you look at Haynes might be a brilliant League player but to suggest he's the best of any code. Haynes only has to outshine a few local lads playing the game to get a contract and then step up to the best of that pack, not such a great achievement is it?

Do you even know what Jason Culina, Tim Cahill, and Mark Schwarzer have achieved for their clubs in the previous 12 months and they ain't playing for a suburban Sydney club or Suburban Sydney wages are they?

As for Haynes being the Best in the World?

No Haynes might be the Best in the Eastern States or North of England but that hardly makes a World Clas athlete does it?


Roy Law said...

I'm quite certain Gould was referring to players who actually play in Australia as he has no idea of any other code outside the Eastern seaboard. What he failed to do was mention any other player from any other code to back up his argument - Giteau (Union), Ablett (Rules) or Adam Kwasnik :)for example.

Eamonn said...

Seems silly to say such a thing without considering Culina, the AFL guys and Kawsnik as you suggest:)

Adrian said...

Well its Hayne not Haynes and I'd say Gould is referring to the last few weeks not the last 12 months. Hayne has been outstanding the last few weeks, not just beating the best league players in the world but making anyone that gets in his way look like fools. Other than that I would agree with you that he is not considering anyone outside of australia, or even everyone within australia.

astrojax said...

he clearly has no brain and can be safely ignored, then? ; ) actually, giving any air time to these airheads from that code is a waste of, um, breath...

Anonymous said...
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George said...

I think so. These types of people think they are experts about everything.