Monday, 30 November 2009

Do you know more than Miron Bleiberg.

Stephen Lustica was plunged into centre midfield for Gold Coast United on Saturday against Melbourne Victory.

Stephen is 18 and playing his first start in the A-League. Away to Melbourne at the Dome.

Gold Coast lost the midfield and lost the game 4-0.

No-one could blame a young aspiring player, but one could wonder at the logic of Miron Bleiberg and former Lazio midfielder and Assistant Coach Paul Okon.

Gold Coast's depth was stretched, away to Melbourne so why play the best midfielder in the league, a proven International at World Cup level, out on the right wing.

Particularly when the Gold Coast were unable to get the ball to Jason Culina and indeed after the first goal is was quickly apparent that it would be Melbourne down the middle, Melbourne down the left and Melbourne down the right. It was.

Which makes you wonder when little old football observers like me can pick HUGE defects in Miron (One season wonder) Bleiberg...and Vitaslez (I'd like to water plants) Lavicka tactical genius what exactly do these guys bring to the table?

Laurie McKinna even had a chat with Fozzie on SBS yesterday...what is the World coming to? Anyone laugh when Fozzie asked Lozza, oh so gently, about the style of play from Season 1 to now?

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