Monday, 30 November 2009

Mary Whitehouse: Sydney are shit

If Branko had said Sydney FC are shit...would he have got fined $3,000 by the FFA, or would the FFA have agreed.

Maybe that was his problem. He said all teams in the league were shit...he should have just Sydney are...or are you not allowed to speak the truth anymore.

Sydney are shit, Sydney are shit, Sydney are shit, and while you are at it so is Aloisi!

And does Branko's fine $3000 reflect his recent wage announcement...$50 a week or Aurelio Vidmar's $10,000 Saudi promotion suggest Viddy is on more or is bagging the AFC members so much worse than saying all A-League teams are not very good!

???Who is Mary Whitehouse. She was the keeper of TV morals in the UK when I was growing up. Basically no-one was able to swear on telly without Mary getting stuck into everyone and everything!

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