Monday, 30 November 2009

Sydney FC: Marquee is a farce

When John Aloisi was at Coventry City he ran the forward line on his own in the old English First Division now called the EPL.

He was fast, direct and scored goals in an unfashionable team.

But the new Aloisi is a much slower version, and cannot run beyond the last player with any pace. And it was his pace that made him a star.

Robbie Fowler has similar problems, but Robbie was never as fast as Aloisi but he has greater goal awareness and can score goals, at 34 like at 19, from absolutely anywhere. Headers, shots, quick free kicks.

So it's not an age thing. But it is a pace thing for Aloisi. And it's gone.

Signing David Zdrillic, another slowing forward former Socceroo was a mistake in terms of goal return for Sydney FC although I would say Zdrillic contributed more to the team.

But Blind Freddy knew Aloisi would not add 10,000 to the crowd when he shifted from the Mariners to Sydney FC. Freddy also knew Aloisi as a crowd pleaser was pretty much gone.

And let's face it he only returned to Australia because no-one else in the whole world wanted him.

So why the hell did Sydney FC pay him a million plus when Archie Thompson, energetic, creative, inspirational and a fans favourite does so much more for less than half that.

Sydney clearly have too much bling. Always had always will.

What a waste!

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