Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nearpost National Show - 29/12/09

National show Download

Lucy and Paddy have the controls for the last show in 2009 and there's no stopping them. Its all happenning! The A league gossip, who really coaches Kuwait and what's in a name anyway, the Soccerros playing roster, whose in and whose out and who knows, and can they win, where did all the people come from to watch the last A league round - that's easy - they listen to the Nearpost National. The odd fearless prediction for the next A league round. Cry in ya Chardonnay Paddy, the Perth Shin-kickers are done for - and who adminstered the kiss of life to the Gold Coast. Strange things going on in the A league!! What about Harry K and the Turkish connection? When too much football gossip is what its all about. "Eamonn who", Paddy is heard to exclaim! They sent Eamonn on an all expenses paid "Celtic Tragics" reunion in storm ravaged Western NSW - something about inland beach football and would he like to be the inaugral patron. Eamonn couldn't resist. He's wet, not happy and someone borrowed his Celtics jersey! Is there no end to the lengths that Lucy (Paddy made me do it) and Paddy (my hand is no where near the ball) will go to, to promote the Nearpost National - No!. So listen.

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