Thursday, 24 December 2009

Pim bashing the A-League?

Clive Palmer reckons Sir Pim is bashing the A-League by pushing for all A-League players to leave on loan before the finals season.

If this happened it would destroy the finals in my view but before we get all excited lets get real for a moment.

This is a one-off.

By the next World Cup surely the season will be longer and with four teams in Asian Champions League the problem should not occur again.

Secondly players like Archie Thompson, Matt Kemp, Eugene Galekovic and Scott Jamieson play ACL football next year so they should be okay to remain with their clubs and potentially be in the running for a Socceroos call-up.

Of the 15 players called up for Kuwait, 4 play ACL football. Of the others Tando Velaphi, and Danny Vukovic have NO CHANCE of ousting the current keeper mob. So 6 are covered.

Matt Thompson, Alex Brosque, Jacob Burns, and Matt Mackay have little or no chance of making the Socceroos squad given who we have played in the last 14 Asian Cup qualifiers, so no need for these guys to get off the beach never mind even contemplate a loan deal.

And that leaves Tommy Oar and Simon Colosimo. If they start in Kuwait, and only if they start should they even think about a loan deal. Remember Harry and Bresc and co have a tad more chance than a 9 game A-League rookie, exciting as he is, than Tommy Oar. And again where was Simon against...well Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar etc etc.

For all the excitable Aussis journo's talking up Colosimo and Brosque...funny how they are always Sydney players... the question remains.

Why didn't Pim choose ANY of these A-League players for the World Cup Qualifiers over the last two years?
And who is going to be left out from Emerton, Kewell, Bresciano, Kennedy, and co to make room for Brosque or Matt Thompson or whoever.

Craig Moore, Jason Culina and possibly Mile Sterjovski have a real chance so need to move by Pim's reckoning. Given the ACL starts during the final series moving to Adelaide or Melbourne maybe difficult, should those teams want them.

But Perth or the Roar may not make the finals, in which case, where is the problem really?

Happy Xmas to y'all!

More interesting to me is the amount of changes our wonder coach has made from the last team that I had to endure play Kuwait...and lose, in my home city of Canberra. Grrrrr Pim......

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Steven said...

I think Pim gets a lot of undue criticism.