Thursday, 11 February 2010

35,000 but It's still quiet innit!

FourFourTwo are predicting 35,000 for the Premiership decider between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory..or later in the same article maybe 20-22,000.

And we've had some great crowds across the A-League in recent years and surely anyone who's ever followed football would be interested in this game...if they knew it existed.

And that's the point.

Football is still struggling to sell itself through the media, to it's supporter base and beyond.

With a large Melbourne support expected and plenty of passion on and off the field it really promises to be a great game, a great occasion for the big game football fan.

That's why I'm on the bandwagon and making my first game of the season......unless you count those games in if?

And with half the Melbourne defence out I'm expecting goals, goals and more goals, from both teams.

3-2 to Sydney.


Anonymous said...

accouple seasons back the year newcastle won i was a sydney season ticket holder and in the last round of the season sydney played melbourne at the sfs in front of 33,000 end result was 2-2. if sydney had won that game they would have finished on top. I'd say the crowd will be similar although it deserves a sell out

Eamonn said...

Agreed the games deserves to be sold out long before matchday if such a football community exists, and is following the game and the A-League in any way.

Can't understand how anyone interested in football at any level, grassroots, EPL, Serie A, Socceroos etc would not want to see this game..but guess that's just me!

Anonymous said...

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George said...

I wish I was more excited for this but the whole transfer bungle with Mrdja has kind of mad me not care at all. Like what are the FFA thinking/doing?