Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Marquee's are dead, long live Nicky.

Melbourne Heart want a marquee and are toying with Mark Viduka, more like he is toying with them.

The Duke would lift the profile of the Heart immediately, thereby fulfilling one of the criteria of a Marquee. Could Viduka really regain fitness, last beyond a few games, or even perform adequately in any game? I doubt it.

We thought the same about Robbie Fowler and he passed, just, I guess. But will he bring in further crowds and interest next year, probably not.

Dwight Yorke, Archie Thompson and to a lesser extent Jason Culina have been marquees that worked. No-one else has?

Paul Ifill possibly, not Mile Sterjovski, Paul Agostino, Juninho, or John Aloisi, Joel Griffiths, not even Craig Moore.

So it's with interest, great interest we hear Nicky Carle is being chased by Sydney to be their marquee.

He's still young, has flair to burn and he'll be great, again, for the A-League. He fits the bill for a marquee, and he's Australian!

But few other marquees are risk averse. Most are too old, yes even Fowler, most strikers have lost their pace, see Yorke although he was a rare striker who could be equally effective in a new midfield role, but he was also young, so young he went back to play in the EPL!

Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill may be two genuine Aussie marquees, we don't have many, but if and when they come is a long way off. Like Ryan Giggs and Alessandro Del Piero most top players are good enough to play at the top...until they retire.

Defenders in my view should never be marquees. Most clubs can't afford them and shouldn't bother with them.

So what makes a marquee:
Skill and buckets of it.
Significant pace.
Media savvy.
Must be under 32 years of age.
Never a defender or defensive midfielder.
Even the non-football fan must be aware of who they are...before they come.

Which is a better or meaningful use of funds than the current system employed by clubs.

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Anthony said...

Is the marquee warranted when instead of $1 million dollars to one player i can spend $200,000 each on some of the world's best unknown players. That's 5 times the chance of getting a result. 5 times the chance of getting a financial return when the talent moves on. 5 times the players to depend on.

Putting ll your eggs in the one basket is something only the Easter Bunny should do.