Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Adelaide United: It's Leckie I tell ya!

Matthew Leckie took the A-League by storm, and we wondered if he could go to the next level so soon.

His touch is poor! He's only got strength. He doesn't score. He's not as good as Tommy Oar.

Well last night he showed he will not only be the United weapon of choice particularly in away games with his blistering pace, he'll score and create, throw a step-over and a deft shoulder drop. He's got the lot. And can only get better.

The best young forward we've seen in Australia in a while. Better than Nathan Burns, Bruce Djite and maybe Nikita Rukavystya...maybe.

Should he go to the World Cup? Well a few more performances like this against the Champions of Asia and who would say no.

The Reds are back.

The worst team in Australia so the table shows though the Mariners must be worst even if they gained more points, United showed us more proof that you should never buy your ageing lead striker from England and certainly not from Cheltenham Town. Lloyd Owusu. Did anyone watch him play before he came?

Sergio Van Dijk, the Brisbane Roar star shone tonight for the Reds, showpony Flores rolled a few nice passes that had Fox Sport inarticulate but EXPERT commentator drooling. I like my showponies and for now Flores will do. Adam Griffiths returned late on. Albeit he was horrible both in looks and performance. His performance will improve surely.

But the Red were exciting. Travis Dodd looked like he likes to play football again, in Asia, after having a season off. Yes I know he played but he didn't did he? Scott Jamieson has the bite back and even Lucas Pantelis looked a winner.

Strange thing football. Confidence is important and Sergio Van Dijk seems to have changed United overnight. Didn't he play well. And a great win, great game and great start for the Reds.

Anyone who's played at any level knows what it gives you to have a forward line, a chance of a goal. Adelaide at last have a forward line again.

Leckie for South Africa. Why not!

Bunyudkor Adelaide final...anyone?

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