Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We pay for....Ross Aloisi

Yep, Fox viewers are paying Ross Aloisi for his commentary and analysis.
Which goes to show that useless midfield cloggers are no better, or even less informed than the average fan. Average fans I might point out aren't allowed anywhere near a microphone.

Analysis from Ross:

Ross on the ball: Leckie has too improve his close control at this level.

Of course the guy runs 80 metres within one minute of this statement against the ACL Champions Pohang Steelers, chucks a step over and beats one, two, three maybe four players...oh and he scores.

Ross two: After 60 minutes he's my man of the match speaking of Flores.

How many games has Ross watched. Players can change games in the last 30 mins and become...yes you guessed it the "man of the match."

Ross three: Pohang are not in the game.

A great chance emerges within 30 seconds of Ross's analysis. As Pohang poor forward, press hard the longer the game goes on and generally take the game to Adelaide. Nice one Ross.

Ross four: Carl Veart is the one of the most intelligent people I know...well in football intelligence.

Ross five: That's not a booking!

Come on Fox, it was the Asian Champions League winners and we get a Dudley!


Anonymous said...

give ross a break

Eamonn said...

Give it up!

Ross is an adult in the media and as such will expect to get appraised by many of us.

He seems a great guy, this is not about him as a person.

This is about the quality I want to hear when I watch a game. Ross is not up to scratch and after watching and listening to football for 40 plus years I reckon, like many other football fans I talk to that we know who makes a game better and who doesnt.

It's not about giving Ross a break it's about giving Aussies football analysers that improve the standard of the game/the show.

I'm supposed to listen to Ross because he deserves a break or he's a nice guy?

Give me a break, this is the professional media. Get up to speed BEFORE you get on air...or get critised by those who want the best.....we've got enough mediocre sports commentators on Fox already, something worse than mediocre...give me a bigger break.