Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ross Aloisi: Was that a good tackle?

Ross Aloisi promotes a "good" foul. You know when the opposing team are running free, you basically trip the guy, or "hack the bastard", and stop the play enabling your team to get behind the ball.

Terry McFlynn did this on the weekend in the Sydney Melbourne Premiership decider and caused serious injury to Robbie Kruse.

Now I suppose Ross would call that a great foul.

Robbie was in the clear, for the neutrals in the crowd and those watching at home here was a chance in a tight game for one of the A-Leagues more skilful players to run at the opposition.

McFlynn is quoted in today's SMH as saying, "I tried to stop the play."

The divers, the simulators, the stagers. Everyone is outraged by these players, rightly so.

But this football fan is sick to death of the "cheats" who stop the games, entertainers in EVERY match.

How to solve the problem?

If you send off McFlynn or any player who breaks the play up in that type of style, how long before those fouls would be eliminated? Instantly is my guess.

If Leigh Broxham had pulled John Aloisi back, as dear old Ross would say he should have, that game and this season would have missed the goal of the game, maybe the talking point of the year.

Would Robbie Kruse have created a chance and turned the game with his break, a la Aloisi....we'll never know.

The A-League crys out for more skill. Many players have it, but how many times are they stopped from being allow to show it.

Send the cheats off, change the law if neccessary.

As luck has it, McFlynn will play on Thursday, Robbie Kruse is out. Who would you rather watch?

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