Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sydney FC stick it to Rebecca Wilson

Nearpost takes a huge delight in seeing one of the decreasing band of anti-football Australia sports journo being given a bit of her own.

Rebecca Wilson renowned for joining Peter FitzSimons, Patrick Smith, AFL Chief Andrew Dimitriou, John Bermingham, Paul Kent and too many others to mention for trashing Australian football or soccer as they like to say.

Well Edwin Lugt CEO Sydney FC made her look like the true professional she aspires to be.

Basically it went roughly like this:

Rebecca: Disappointing crowds for the A-League.
Edwin: Hello Rebecca I remember your article after Adelaide played in the Champions League Final...

At this point my shoulder chip bounced....hmmmn this "German" Aussie Sports Administrator knew exactly who she was and what she wrote even before, if my memory serves me right, he was in the country. I'm interested.

Edwin then fired a question:
Do you know how A-League crowds rank across the football leagues of the World?

Rebecca: Stumbled something like...."They are not as big as the English Premier League!"

Here was one of the small member of the anti-football brigade but apparently a PAID journalist for News Ltd getting her correct.

I was rolling.

So the A-League, salary cap $2.5mill, five years in the making, doesn't get as many people to games to a country where football is the national sport, has been for 100 years, has money to burn and about ten papers producing ten pages of football "news" every day. Nice one Rebecca.

For the record Australia is 17th for football crowds across the World. Pretty impressive after five years in my view...not Rebeccca.

And guess what Rebecca, we're behind Germany as well!
I can't do it justice, watch it here.

On behalf of the football community I'm sure we all salute Edwin Lugt. Professional, intelligent and driving one into the pathetic journo anti-football club.

We may not be the biggest code, who cares, but anyone who tries to keep us down, as Wilson and co do...deserve to be challenged.

Nice one Edwin, nice one son, nice one Edwin lets have another one.....who's next?

And Rebecca we know you'll use you media access to get back at Edwin or the game because that's the sort of "professional" journo you are....we're watching!

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