Thursday, 18 March 2010

Scott McIntyre: Asia's one man show

SBS Commentator Scott McIntyre proposes that Asian Champions League is so important to Melbourne Victory in terms of prestige, and financial rewards that they should play a Youth team in the Grand Final in Melbourne on Saturday. Even I don't write such tripe, well okay sometimes but only once a week!

Scott, we're trying to promote the local game, and you and your mates at SBS could sometimes help a tad more.

I like your sentiment about Asia, I love the ACL, but this is the Grand Final, in Australia.

And I'd rather see a game with 50,000 screaming fans at an A-League match where local pride is on the line, than the Champions of Korea, Japan or China taking on Melbourne Victory with 7,000 passing by. No matter the quality of either game.

Not very SBS I guess, but football is more than just the quality of the game. How would I know? I've been watching Celtic thump Kilmarnock and occasionally Rangers in front of 60,000 for years. Quality, who cares!

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