Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sydney to speed year?

Steve Corica retired, John Aloisi we want you...but maybe at $100,000...and Karol Kisel excellent finish to the season but at 33 you can go to. All the old men on the move and if Sydney can add pace to this years performance the Coach could see his team improve further.

Although with half a team on the way a faster team may not mean a better team. Depends clearly who comes in.

But I like it!

But of course who they get in, remains to be seen.

Nakamura has been rumoured and that would be a step up from Kisel wouldn't it, plus younger. But either way will be interesting to see how Vitaslav builds a new faster team.

Particularly given young guns like Chris Payne and Youth team leaders like Sam Munro don't seemed to be signed up in a rush.

Interesting times for re-building at Sydney FC. For the moment it's all about who's leaving, Colosimo, Clint Bolton, that makes half a team in my book.

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