Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The A League, Socceroo's Coach, Australia's World Cup Bid, Australian Players Overseas, Is the Dutch Thing Done and more

Eamonn is still OS and rumour has it that he has been commissioned by the FFA to whittle down the short list of applications for the new Socceroo's Coach. "Celtic is the way ahead", "I haven't seen a Dutch team play like Celtic" he is reported to have said, as he was observed getting off a plane from Scotland in a kilt, with a dozen Vuvuzelas under his arm. "I have to admit, there is bloke called "Sam Araldite" who is making a late run for the job and with a name like that he'll fit straight into Australia."

Tonight its Paddy, Arron and Lucy - now that's an explosure mixture at any football game!
Lucy lost her keys and arrived late for the show, Paddy felt the power and sacked Lucy (before she arrived at the Studio and gambled Lucy wasn't listening). Silly boy!! Lucy is on fire tonight. Arron is cool, calm and collected and he drops a bucket on Sydney FC. Lucy drops an entire building on former Socceroos Coach Pim Verbeek. Is the "Dutch thing" under threat? The team were tempted. Paddy's had to be in his best form tonight, Lucy's tackling everything in sight and Arron is looking dangerous.

Paddy is settling in Eamonn! He has brought his own "gold microphone" into the studio and has put in an order for a new chair. Lucy is interviewing for a "Nearpost researcher". Its all go mate! Time to come home.

Don't miss this program - the team is on fire.

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