Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The A League Is About to Kick Off and the Socceroos Play A Friendly

The team tonight is back to almost full strength, only Eamonn's positon on the match card is vacant.

Tonight Terry, Paddy and Lucy Zee are the front three for the Nearpost. And they are smokin!

The A League is about to kick off for 2010 / 2011 and there has been more moves in the off season than a Swiss watch. Players moving everywhere, a few retired, a few that shold have retired and a couple of new teams. The NZ team is full of undefeated World Cup players, Melbourne Victory is not looking so flash and no Archie Thompson, Sydney FC has cleverly concealed its real form by being smashed by good international teams, Gold Coast are likely to be as mercurial as last year, where did the overweight and over paid foriegn players go to this year, who's making the best of the local football talent and so much more. Fearless predictions for the winner of the A League by the panel, courageous even. Make a note for the future.

Who will be the new Socceroos Coach. FFA say it will be announced in a week, so it looks like Eamonn's secret mission to the Northern hemisphere will bear fruit. He was seeen in Spain last week and early reports this week have him in Luxemburg. Its a mystery. Get back Eamonn this is driving us nuts!

And there is the Socceroos friendly against Slovenia, that real good team from the World Cup. Is it a game that will introduce young Australian talent to the world stage? Not really. Why is anyone playing for the Socceroos who will not be there (and I don't mean with the aid of friends) at the next World Cup and if so why? And who's the Coach for heaven's sake and why isn't it the new Coach?

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