Tuesday, 10 August 2010

First Round of the A League, Socceroos Squad, Harry Kewell and Fearless Predictions

Tonight Paddy's in charge, golden microphone and new chair. Arron has returned determined to win the quiz and Lucy is hopping mad over Slater's article about Harry Kewell, ready to "duke it" with Slater. Lucy declared "Slatergate"! That's the end of him. The team were transformed early in defence of Harry Kewell. The yellow cards are flying everywhere in the studio!

Terry was masterful last week behind the microphone, in the staring lineup for this week's show, but fell ill at the last moment and was overheard telling Paddy that it was the last time he would have a chicken satay with him again while watching Sydney FC!

Paddy was forced to complement Sydney FC on their decision to offer free membership to former Socceroos. This is no small concession! Just as quickly Paddy whipped the carpet away and wanted to know why they didn't offer the Matildas the same deal. Arron nodded in agreement. That was all it took, Lucy declared "descrimination" and the program was off and flying. At this point the rest of the team left the studio for a couple of minutes, continuing the program from the hallway. It seemed the safest thing to do at the time. Lucy was tackling everything in site - again!

And where is Eamonn? He was on the match card,again, in fact he was in the starting lineup as well. Paddy sent a hire car for him at the airport. Need we say more? Has Eamonn solved the question of who will be the new Socceroos coach? All will be revealed next week - unless Paddy arranges the transport again.

In the meantime, the team have sorted out who will take over as the Socceross GK for the next World Cup. Now for the rest of the team. No one is safe.

There's trouble in paradise at the Nearpost. The team has once again made some fearless predictions for Round 2 of the A league and so much more.

Listen carefully - Lucy is going to ask questions!!!

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