Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Harry Kewell 3 Robbie Slater 0

With Mike Cockerill losing in his bitter and petty rant on Harry Kewell during the World Cup last night it was Robbie Slaters turn.

Robbie wrote Harry was involved in a verbal altercation with a fellow Socceroo who told him to "Fuck Off" during the World Cup. And Robbie in his recent Sunday Telegraph article told Harry to step down as he's too old for the team and creates a circus when he plays.

Harry took the right of reply on Fox Sports last night and despite Harry not being the most articulate he clearly stated his case and left Robbie looking as rather silly.

Harry Kewell merely stated that he wasn't allowed to front the World Cup media as Pim wouldn't allow him. And he didn't play against Germany as he wasn't selected. What can a player do...have a tanty?

And of course Harry claims no-one told him to "Fuck Off," but Robbie then refuses to release the source, but of course he never thought about protecting Harry in the original story.

Nice to see a footballer responding to trash talk and nice to see a media man in any code having to face the music.

Cockerill never did, Robbie in fairness took it on the chin.

Maybe the Aussie sports media will take another step forward in professionalism after this.....then again we've still got a few others who could do with a bit of face-to-face realism.


Dave said...

Mostly agree with your comments and Harry was in his right to be angry. However, do you think Robbie was entirely wrong in saying he should step down? Sure he's been a great servant but i can't see him being a force in 2014. I reckon next years Asian Cup might be Harry's last hurrah although I hope he proves me wrong and continues to play well for Galatasaray and, of course, the Socceroos.

Eamonn said...

Dave, reckon Robbie is entirely wrong in how he did it and that is the issue. Good luck with the blog.

Cecilia said...

I thought Harry's work was awesome, although I was limited to a Fairfax copy of part of the transcript. I find Harry isn't typically articulate (like you say), but it appears that he did an excellent job of telling Robbie exactly what he thought.

I'm currently living next to Fox Sports and often see Robbie and Bozza outside now. Perhaps I should wear my Leeds scarf over the next few days [I'm moving very soon] in hope that I bump into the git!

With Fozzie known to be bonkers, Cockerill and Slater finally being exposed... who do we have left waving the Australian football commentator's/opinionist's flag?