Thursday, 19 August 2010

Canberra, now Gold Coast embarass FFA

Gold Coast will close three sides of their stadium to save costs, almost $60,000 per game as ticket sales are sluggish ahead of their weekend game against Victory.

Not a great look on TV, not a great move by the Club but blame not Clive Palmer and co, no point your barrels at the FFA.

They let the Gold Coast on the back of what, research, community support, list of sponsors, memberships etc etc, no they gave in to a big $12 million cheque plonked on a table.

No way to build a club in Australia, a club without any history of professional football in the region and no surprise that crowds of 5,000 are the norm...or less.

Of course when the FFA were presented with a coherent bid, in Canberra, where sponsors, members, supporters, Government support, investors, crowd numbers were all working towards building a community based club, they the FFA sent the bid packing.

Worse than that they have completely dismissed the whole region. Sure when Australia gets the Asian Cup in 2015 we'll have 7 games in Canberra. And what people are supposed to just run out and support football. Kuwait v China, or Indonesia v India and then what forget about football again.

Doesn't the FFA have a responsibility to grow the game in Australia, even a strategy which Canberra might just have a part in.

Long time the FFA led from the top.

FFA: What is your plan for football in the Canberra region? Maybe it's time we stopped paying our rego fees until they show us we have some long-term value in the scheme of things.

Because at the moment all the Canberra regions FFA rego fee component goes to who, Brisbane, Adelaide, North Queensland or worse still West Sydney.....aaarrrrggghhh

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christopher said...

completely agree eamonn, I'd love for ivan to know because it doesn't even sound like he knows anything about what's planned for canberra