Thursday, 19 August 2010

More Payne for Sydney FC

John Aloisi, Mark Bridge, Alex Brosque and Chris Payne all scored important goals for Sydney last season. They were all, yes all four were strikers in the Champions squad.

This year Chris Payne left alongside John Aloisi and now Mark Bridge and Alex Brosque are injured for the Roar game on the weekend.

So what would you do with no recognised striker in the squad?

Bring in a Young guy from the Youth team, a team which hasn't started yet?
Play that extra man in midfield, yes lets make it five midfielders with Nicky only slightly advanced? Guaranteed defeat...again.
Or resort to last years bizarre tactic...put the Foxe on upfront. Well he must have been good he got another contract!

Kofi Danning will surely start, Brendan Gan could play wide right and of course the man for all seasons Terry McFlynn could play as a striker....he's played everywhere else.

Foxe to play upfront with Danning and Nicky just behind! Surely not!

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