Thursday, 26 August 2010

How to get the Young Aussies playing

Have a listen to the latest FourFourTwo podcast. I'm not a great fan of the review of the weekend games in such detail so late in the week but I do love the stuff they did on Han Berger this week. Good work guys and thanks for the info

Here's a few ideas discussed by the team: Han, the FFA and the A-League Coaches have been discussing ways to get more Aussie Young Guns into the A-League.

A la Robin Van Persie, EreDivisie, 16 years of age. We're lucky to get a few 20 year olds in the A-League.

Do the Dutch grow faster than Aussies?

People always say Aussies are late football developers; mainly I think it's because we don't play enough football as young kids, but hopefully this is changing as the FFA Curriculum takes off across the country.


Idea: A certain Number of Under 23s in every starting line-up. Sounds good to me.

Restrict visa players from 5 to ???
Sounds good to me, guys from Northampton, Motherwell or Welsh Premier League who aren't Australian, what is the point? No benefit having a Geoff Kelloway for example is there! Do they really add anything, a local lad couldn't give us?

Idea: A minimum salary for an overseas players.Could be a problem. Brazilians maybe excluded. Fred, Henrique etc wouldn't probably get a gig if this was enforced.

Idea: Seven Substitutes on the bench. Currently there are 4 due to the cost restrictions to the clubs. This idea came from the A-League Coaches themselves! Presumably not their owners!

Of course more teams has given more opportunities to young players or so it seems, next season should be even better if and it's a big if the Western Sydney team comes good.

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