Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sydney: Simulation or Stimulating?

Sydney whinged over a dodgy diving Argentinean penalty decision on Saturday night but are still looking a shadow of their former selves. Or are they?

Last season they rarely won easily, or convincingly preferring to grind results out with a laboured controlled passing game which excited, seemingly, Craig Foster, but did little for crowds or the neutral.

Winning football clearly isn't always exciting football.

This year they are rebuilding missing half a team. Sometime you only miss what you haven't got. Simon Colosimo, Steve Coria, Karel Kisel and John Aloisi, yes even him are all sorely missed. Liam Reddy isn't as safe as Clint Bolton so it seems.

So why would we expect Sydney to fire. A mis-firing Sydney continued to perform much the same as a Championing winning team last year; only this time they have more pace, more exuberance in Ryan Grant and Kofi Danning, but more skill, more nous?

Nicky Carle needs a pacy forward, a la Alex Brosque to work with. Shades of Archie and Carlos. Kofi hasn't been able to link in the striker role it seems.

But also it seems Nicky needs to get the ball, facing the opposition, and when he does he's as dangerous as anyone in the A-League. Last night he did it in patches.

Scott Jamison appears to be missing that left-back role, not really dynamic enough to cause too many problems from left mid; an engine problem perhaps but again this helps the opposition.

And last night the childish Sydney came to the fore once, albeit a dubious penalty. How many got booked? Professional? Hardly! But perhaps a sign the pressure is starting to show on..well almost the whole team.

As for Pat Perez the exciting all diving all touching Mariners debutant. Another welcome addition to the A-League?
On touch alone he should give Carle, Marcos Flores and Carlos a run for their money.

Sydney have problems, compared to last year. Sure with Sebastian Ryall in ahead of Hayden Foxe who should return to his off-the-bench dynamic striker's role, they have sorted the defence for the future but the midfield and attack lacks potency much as it did last season.

The difference being this year Sydney aren't keeping clean sheets and when did Vitislav team ever score more goals than one or maybe two. Rarely it feels.

They look short of cover, more even than other teams and their two Young guns aren't providing much yet. Kofi looks out of position with his back to goal, Ryan Grant may improve his technique once he slows down; but will he ever?

Surely Sydney should have been able to find a couple of more Youth players who are now starting or on the bench in the last five or so years. Seems not!

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