Sunday, 22 August 2010

A-League rocks!

Apart from watching 6 hours of Election Night coverage, I watched three riveting A-League games this week..and the A-League like the Election was exciting for the Independents.

Adelaide always entertain at home and Matthew Leckie had me cheering after just two minutes. Whoops there goes a World Cup centre-half. And the Rutger Worm turned a great cross into an awesome goal.

Great football at times from the Heart, they won't remain bottom, and young Iain Ramsay from United stole the show with two goals, one late on to steal the points.

And then Perth took on Newcastle. Perth again strong and compact but oh this game was so slow. It was good, but just a tad slow.

Robbie Fowler is getting the best out of Mile Sterjovski, Jets entertained but weren't positive enough in attach and the Glory in front of a good crowd took the points and set the pace. But are they too old to carry the season.

And then to Victory - The A-League at it's best. The first two games were excellent, this was something else. A great crowd, a great football pitch and a great stadium. And the Victory are rebuilding, again with pace.

Robbie Kruse and Mate Dugandzic, if they could just score, would help me to forget about Archie Thompson, Danny Allsopp and even Fred. But they must score and soon.

The Fury, God Bless em were all pace and skill and David Williams, Chris Payne, Osim Malik and Isak Cernak are moving with your and verve. Don't you love it. Yes they were pummelled by Victory but if a team can only score penalties you have a chance, even with 9 players.

The Fury may not last the distance, more's the shame. Injuries will probably expose their depth but for now they are fantastic to watch.

What a round for football fans. Great football, not for Fozzie maybe, but for the ones that matter, the fans!

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