Sunday, 22 August 2010

Coach Quality starting to shine in Australia.

The NSL was, well the NSL, despite what some will tell you. And the Coaches were of variable quality to say the least. I still enjoyed it but not like the A-League.

This year we have the best Coaches in the top level of Australian football league ever!

And the League style of play and tactical awareness is starting to reflect this.

Vitislav Lavicka may produce boring teams but Fozzie likes him and he can win a Championship.
Franz Straka is the opposite, vibrant like his team; and both are making huge contributions.
Rini Coolen and Jan Van Schip have already produced teams worth watching. they can only improve as time goes by.

Ricky Herbert is a World Cup Coach, Graham Arnold has seen the top in action but still has to earn his Coaching stripes. It'll be great to watch him, finally, coach!

Dave Mitchell has more Coaches on the field than he could ever use; Branko Culina continues to produce a stylish product.

Ange Postecoglou has National team experience and is keen to show us that Brisbane can shine without the "old eads." This week they beat Sydney, who doesn't, but there are signs of change at the Roar.

Ernie Merrick has proven in Australia he can entertain and looks to have produced a good team once more; but can he take the next step in Asia....not yet, not tactically.

Only the Mariners have left me cold this season, Sydney of course, but they left me cold last season. I'll give both more time and Sydney I expect to improve, the Mariners....well still struggling to entertain, but early days hey Graham!

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