Sunday, 22 August 2010 forgot to mention Mike.

This is getting silly! And who better than me to contribute when things are silly!

Robbie keeps writing and talking about the Harry thing. Boring Robbie.
Harry, in between dazzling runs, keeps replying. Boring Harry but keep up the dazzling runs.
Bernie Mandic, what is he on! Does Harry really need a minder to speak for him, he seemed to speak for himself quite well on Fox the other night.

But I had to laugh at Sebastian Hassett.

Writing in the SMH on Friday he told readers ALL about Bernie Mandic's interview on SEN on Thursday.

I listened to the interview and Bernie told us that Robbie only played 18 games for Blackburn in their big EPL Championship winning season, and then he told us Robbie got the boot at the end of the season, he also told us how many goals Robbie scored for the Socceroos. He told us who the "Fuck Off," Socceroo was, Scott Chipperfield and told us who leaked it, Graham Arnold, and which Aussie journalists were pathetic, useless or some other criticism I couldn't recall the exact phrase but he named Robbie Slater and Mike Cockerill. (I'm not a journo so accuracy ain't important)

Bernie criticised Australian journalists Robbie Slater and Mike Cockerill.

But Sebastian forgot to mention the hyper-sensitive Cockerill in his SMH piece.

A lot of silly football writers and talkers around the Socceroos juggernaut at the moment isn't there?

Pox on our football journos. We deserve better.

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