Thursday, 12 August 2010

A-League Round 2. Ben, Ruben, Mirjan, Celeski, Kofi, all on show?

Wellington to start with a home fixture. 6-0 against the Gold Coast last time can Paul Ifill help the Nix fans take their shirts off in August or will the NZ bubble finally burst.

The Nix haven't really strengthened in my view, pity as they had something to build on from last year.

Adama Traore for the Gold Coast is always worth watching. And how come Jade North gets to play for the Socceroos but Jason and Michael Beauchamp didn't?

Will the Jets start with a win? Where will Kantarovski play and how this season? Can Heart make an impact? Don't miss Ruben's home debut and Ali Abass the Iraqi wizard.

How will the Fury last the season with that YOUNG squad but you can be sure they'll trouble the Champions. Hayden Foxe is the slowest player since his mate formerly Jamie Harnwell now Stephan Kellar, so watch the Fury make it a Chris Payneful day for the Blues...unless Kofi can get back to cover in time. Nicky Carle to exploit the Fury, Kofi to romp it in, or the Young Northern Guns to hold sway?

At the Bubbledome if you like atmosphere big baying crowds this is the game for you. It's Billy Celeski to light up your footy weekend and the Kevin I'm too old now Muscat show. Perth will be up for this and Muscat might just get exposed again this week and next week as well come to think of it and the week after that. Paulo Maldini he ain't, 37 he is! And watch Andrija Juric from Perth if you get chance, although he has to get picked first!

The Mariners have never been my favourite team but with Arnie at the helm it will be interesting to see what he can do with a broadly similar group of players. Not much I expect as despite what Fozzie says systems are great but players need to be able to pass, dribble and do technical stuff. Not sure any of the Mariners can but I'll be watching Oliver Bozanic and Matt Lewis if picked. Two young Aussies.

And of course the exciting Adelaide United. Mr Marcos Flores and Matthew Leckie. Go drool.


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