Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hands up who's excited

Holger Osiek is our new Messiah.

Clearly the FFA are broke and have spent too much on the World Cup bid and saving A-League clubs.

However I like his Asian experience.

But will the Star men like Holger?
Will it matter as the next generation will play for anyone.

Maybe he'll value the local game but from memory he doesn't have the personality to sell football in Australia...he's not Dwight or Gus...and don't we need a little more than just a Coach.

A risk, but maybe a cheap risk...and he's 61....with all the travel that's a risk...

Urawa did play attractive football....and they won..but does he have International experience...not really does he!

Holger Osiek clap clap clap.


Scott Adams said...

He won the CONCACAF Gold Cup with Canada. Is that not international experience enough for you? He was assistant coach to Der Kaiser at Italia '90. Germany won that one too.

Eamonn said...

Not really Scott.

Think the Youth/Young Player development angle is more important which he seems to have as basically we have a whole heap of development to do....least number of players playing top top level football in 25 years I'd say....

And I prefer this guy to say Martin O'Neill, Klinsman, Hiddink or the like who need the finished product and big names.

So could be a job well done....time will tell