Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Who I'm read to Aussie sports journos!

The Cliches will be watching God, Tricky Nicky for the Socceroos and the Two B's or Carlos and Muscat and so will I but here's ten others I'll be watching with some interest this year...and perhaps not your typical ten, in no particular order.

1. Michael Marrone, Heart, moved from Adelaide where he impressed throughout the season. May shine in the attacking full-back role. Pity Adelaide preferred the non-attacking Daniel Mullen but maybe they are working on Mullen for the centre back role in the future.

2. Iain Ramsey former Sydney youth player of the year now at Adelaide. Can he make the next step.

3. Kofi Danning, Canberran, can he take the next step and fast!

4. Marcos Flores; if you like Nicky you'll love Marcos. And won't he send the A-League into raptures with his vision at Adelaide, can't wait. Don't miss his games.

5. Oliver Bozanic, a young player hyped up returning from overseas and all it's so-called professionalism. Should be ready to fly for the Mariners, or should I stick with Matthew Leckie?

6. Ruben Zadkovich, because he's Ruben and he didn't play in two years for Derby so my BBC East Midlands sports mate said. Has he improved or like AC Milan signing Luther Blissett instead of John Barnes did Derby mistake him for David Carney or....

7. Adam Casey like Kofi he's from Canberra and like Kofi he's shone and then being injured a lot. But he's fast and if he stays fit he could surprise once more up in Townsville.

8. Mirjan Pavlovic, he's big and brutal and could make a nuisance of his youngself. On previous form he could shake a few reputations and a few early goals could help.

9. Liam Reddy: What do you do when you have the best keeper in the league and win it; you sign Never Reddy Liam. First game three goals. Okay he's not that bad but better than Bolton.....enjoy the antics!

10. Billy Celeski because I hate watching Broxham and Brebner in the Victory midfield in Melbourne, the A-League and most of all in Asia. Billy can play and was starting to shine in the centre-midfield role. He can make the ball talk and could really head overseas next year if he continues to progress and dominate.

Having seen him stumble at Perth as a kid, only to return, then to Victory where he's now the man...great to watch his rise...go Billy!

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