Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Negative Socceroos Media response is lame!

Does it make you mad when you read some of the Aussie media's responses to the latest Socceroos Squad.

Take tired old Mike Cockerill in the SMH today compared to the positive from Sportal and Four Four Two

Did Mike write this article before the squad was announced?

Mike said "Chance wasted as Osieck opts for status quo."

The Socceroos always seem to be chasing their tails when it comes to an ordered, sensible process of regeneration. Once again, it's harder to get dropped from the squad than it is to get picked. And don't for one minute be fooled by the rhetoric that there's no talent coming through. It's there if you want to look.

FACT: Is there anyone better than Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill, Brett Emerton or Mark Schzarwer coming through?

FACT: Have Mark Bresciano, Vinny Grella, Craig Moore and Scott Chipperfield not retired. How many more do you want Mike to leave at the same time; or is it all about Harry? Did you watch the game against Slovenia?

FACT: A twenty man squad reduces player options; if there was three more players we could have seen three more newer players most likely. But do we really need them at this time in club/country debate?

FACT: Against Slovenia a number of other players got a gig, Bruce Djite and Nikita Rukavystya to name two. World beaters? Not yet. This time Spiranovic, MCDonald and Burns come into the squad.

So Mike why not name your own squad and then we'll see the depth you talk of.....and of course who you gonna leave out for the talent pool you talk of.

Matthew Leckie is he ready yet, Big spring chicken, Joel Griffith how old will he be in 2014?

He goes on to say:

The paying public wants a fresher, enthusiastic, humble, patriotic team trying its heart out for the nation. What they don't want is more of the spoilt, mercenary attitude they've seen develop in recent years. Exactly the sort of behaviour illustrated by Harry Kewell's tantrums in recent weeks

Tantrums Mike? You started it and you just can't leave it alone can you.

And tell us exactly who you'd leave out Mike because between you and Robbie I reckon the "paying public" are sick of you! Do you even talk to the paying public in your media box?

What we the paying public want is a "fresher, enthusiastic, humble, intelligent, football savvy, less patriotic team" of Commentators with a little deeper insight into the game its tactics and it's players. We don't ask for much!

And don't be emailing me this time. If you are not happy with what I write just pick up the phone and we can have a chat, come on the Nearpost radio show, or come to Canberra and I'll buy you a beer! And bring Jesse Fink with you!

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