Thursday, 26 August 2010

Why A-League Rocks in Season 6

With the new season opening with a bang the fans around the country seem to be singing from the same page. Season 6 is just better.

So here's ten reasons why the A-League is better this year.

1. The Coaches; Some like Ernie Merrick and Dave Mitchell have been here for awhile and the blow-ins from overseas seem to be so much better than Terry "coach the ball not the player" Butcher and Richard "I was good at Walsall" Money.

2. The Fury - A model for every provincial club; particularly those who don't have a football team yet like Canberra. Young players like Cernak and Payne nicked from other clubs. See the Salary Cap works as it means younger players eventually get picked play by other clubs.

3. Perth Glory - Not always pretty but very experienced and with a good crowd at home well worth watching. A great addition to the season.

4. Friday night football - Adelaide United at home - throw in Flores, Leckie and even Ramsey - football entertainment plus. (Is it because no other codes play on their pitch?)

5. Aami Stadium - And those Melbourne fans. Victory on fire, just can't score and when and if the Victory get on a roll this could be the greatest Australian home venue bar none. Other codes watch out, if last weeks atmosphere with just 13,000 was anything to go by.

6. Melbourne Heart - Bottom, but not for long. If this is the worst team in the league then we have a great entertaining league. Playing good football, they can only improve and are well worth watching.

7. Young Aussie blokes - Ben Kantarovski, James Brown, Billy Celeski, Chris Payne, Isak Cernak, Matthew Leckie, Scott Neville - should I stop now - the list goes on and on. Have Sydney got decent enough decent young blokes????? What better than an Australian league full of quality Aussies. I'm loving it.

8. The playmakers - Carlos Hernandez, Nicky Carle, Robbie Fowler, Jason Culina, Ali Abbas, the list goes on.

9. The wingers/entertainers/forwards - Have we ever had so many? David Williams, Isak Cernak, Kofi Danning, Mate Dugandzic, Todd Howarth, Taj Minniecon, Oliver Bonzanic, Leo Bertos the list goes on.

10. Attacking foorball reaping rewards: The Champions, Sydney FC were "not very exciting" last season for the neutrals and this year they are bottom or nearly. That could be a good thing for the league. Mabye Sydney will have to be more adventurous this season as teams that attack get seem to be getting rewarded.

Missed anything?


Anonymous said...

Missed anything?

Paul Ifill - I reckon just shades Hernandez as the best player of the comp.

Eamonn said...

Certainly Ifill has been a huge entertaining asset to the league, more effective than Hernandez? close call but you might be right.