Monday, 13 September 2010

Beware the Football Scouting Roadshow: are on the march.

Despite all the regulations coming from FIFA and the FFA organisations such as the one above are coming to a town near you, in this case, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and are offering "5 free trips to selected players," to Europe.


Well why when we rang them are they very very defensive and why would such a reputable organisation have such an unprofessional website.

And why have some of Australia's leading Scouts, Agents and Managers never heard of them or anyone involved with them when I asked them?

The fact they are using Capital Football facilities to "sell the dream" to vulnerable and unknowledgeable Aussie kids and parents should be challenged, nay stopped. Please pass this on to any child/parent who may be signing up for such a program.


Anonymous said...

How can Capital Football be so naive and allow these people to book their facilities?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eamonn, think you could be way off the mark on the roadshow. Although a couple of things you may be correct upon. The website does need an upgrade and i am sure you will see one soon. Please check the Questions and answers section of the website as I am pretty sure it will answer anything that you have. The process allows for players to have an experience overseas. Please just always give a balanced view.

Eamonn said...


And reports from parents last year were positive in Canberra - though not sure any Canberra got to go o/s.

Also I did rign the organisation before the camp and the response I got was surprisingly suspicious for a new organisation in town.

Based on the response from the copmpany and what i saw on the website I reckon my blog was a bit tame actually!

Aklways happy to proven wrong

Anonymous said...

I am sure if you approach them the right way you will get a good honest response. Ive read the website and its pretty well spelled out. I am sure you can attend the next event in Canberra just organise to speak with them. I did and despite my child not being good enough, Ive developed a relationship that is seeing our local squad tour the UK next year. So for me well worth the 165.00 smackers.