Monday, 13 September 2010

Ross Aloisi's top five A-League Players

Fox Sports Commentator Ross Aloisi loves a brutal tackle, a cheating tackle, or a "professional" tackle. Seems he loves it more than the skill players can produce.

So who would be his top five players in the A-League?

Jacob Burns: He can really dish it out.
Kevin Muscat: A great professional who injured a fellow pro on the weekend with his over-elaborate tackle.
Steve Pantalidis; Ross would love his professionalism, he can snap a leg or two.
Paul Reid; not a thug but a "clever" player who can do a nice game-stopping foul just when you need one. Ross would admire such moments.
Grant Brebner; just gets stuck in the way Ross drools.

Funny how some football analysts see the game. You'd think Ross would have played more League as a kid wouldn't you!

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