Monday, 13 September 2010

Matthew Breeze: Book the buggers!

If a skilful player gets chopped one more time in the A-League and the culprit fails to get booked then I'm going to watch Rugger!

Matthew Breeze watched, like me, Adama Traore get booted and booted time and time again by the thugs from Perth Glory and like me, he did nothing. What do we have to wait until the player is so injured he can take no further part in the game or the season.

If Perth are going to kick players off the field that's there choice but Refs need to protect our skilful players. And if they don't teams like Gold Coast are going to come prepared to kick back...and they did!

To me Jacob Burns and his mis-timed tackles are a much bigger blight on the game than say so-called diving forward.

Matthew Breeze is supposed to be a top ref. Well bloody act like one and stamp out the thuggery and reward the skill, early in a game!

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