Friday, 24 September 2010

But Fozzie we did it in Canberra

SBS' Crag Foster writes a great article about how the FFA should engage the community and the free army of football supporters across the country.

I replied and 45 people agree with the statement.

We did most of that in Canberra Fozzie, I'd argue 2,000 paid-up foundation members $200, 100 junior club ambassadors from all clubs, 15,000 pledges including the Southern Higlands, South Coast and Snowy mtns and Ben and co not only dismissed us - they've never come back with a plan for the region. Why would we get behind the A-League with an organisation that doesnt assist their free army of supporters Don't they have a responsibility to grow the game?

In fact FFA CEO Ben Buckley when presented with the bid asked if we could go further towards a Barcelona type-model and said it was the best bid they've seen.

Only then to kill the bid and offer nothing for the future of men's football in the region. Nothing.

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