Thursday, 23 September 2010

Con: We support you in Canberra

Con Constantine, love him or hate him, he's put his money and his passion into football.

Not enough for the FFA it seems.

Nor was the Canberra Bid.

Canberra has more Foundation Members than Gold Coast United have going to their games, we have the best support for a W-League team in the league, we have our own Capital Punishment supporters group, their own shirts and banners and we have almost 15,000 pledges of support. We could easily have got more.

Importantly we had a number of investors including one putting in more than a million, ACT Goverment millions as well.

We had 5,000 people at a game between the Mariners and bottom placed Adelaide last season and 20,000 to watch a home-based Socceroos get defeated by Kuwait.

We had the best training facilities agreement in the country and a stadium deal locked in.

We'd been to the regions and gained great support and pledges from the Snowy Mountains and the Southern Highlands, and we made contact with every football association from Griffith to South Coast.

And the FFA stared us down.

And now they don't even want to suggest that this region can ever have a football team.

Canberra hates the FFA. They don't know how to respect the game.

They even want to give us 6 Asian Cup 2015 games, but we don't have an A-League team. Nobs, complete nobs.

So Con come and join us and lets make something positive out of all our hurt and negative energy.

We can do it!

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Well said!