Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Does Canberra have a mining magnate?

Given the Newcastle Jets have been saved by a Mining Magnate, Nathan Tinkler, who is said to be worth $355 million at 35 years of age, I've been having a look around a couple of busy Canberra streets for the City's saviour.

Lots of people with suits and ties, women on bikes with fluro tops, and students heading back and forth to Uni but haven't spotted the one Mining Magnate from Canberra who can get us a football team.

Clive Palmer plonked a huge cheque on the table to get the Gold Coast in.

Nathan saves the Jets

Clearly all Canberra needs, is not community support, but a Mining to go just seen a fat guy go past...he could be the one.


Theo said...

Eamonn, unfrtunately no, Canberra doesn't seem to have a mining magnet. However, Canberra Olympic has the Liangis family, who sposor the Angelo Liangis award, an award in its third year and is award to Canberra Olympic's best young talent.

The Winner will spend 3 weeks with one of Europe's premier youth academies - Panathinaikos FC in Greece, with the opportunity to
further develop their skills and compete against other players from around the world.

This years winner will be annouced at our upcoming presentation night, and I'll let you know the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Theo, can you email I'd like to ring you when you know this outcome.

Anonymous said...

We dont have a mining magnate but we do have many rich people in Canberra. Getting them involved is hard part.

I'll give you one example: Canberra has the Snow family, they are majority owner of Canberra airport and all the development going on around there.

They spent many many millions on their yachts so spending some an A League team should not be a problem, in fact owning the airport can only be a positive.

Theres a lot of money in Canberra, lets engage them.