Friday, 3 September 2010

Does you football club need an e-newsletter?

Have you got hundreds of junior players at your club and yet you never hear or see any success stories in your club newsletter.

Is your club still spending thousands per season on printed newsletters?

Does your club even have time for a newsletter?

Do you know how proud a parent or player feels when they see the players name, and efforts in print? Ever wanted to tell the club about the upcoming tournaments, Committee vacancies, latest match reports, or wish your young people would write their football stories?

How does your voluntary Senior or Junior Club communicate with its members?

Here's my junior football e-newsletter. They get it for free, of course. It's delivered in e-format and pdf and it's stored online, forever. And we track our 4,000 visitors and 10,000 page views per newsletter. Great feedback for sponsors.

Most clubs are voluntary run and do a great job getting teams on the park but who has time to promote the club or the very people who play the game, our children?

Does your newsletter ever contain any football content for the kids or coaches?
How do your parents and players new to the game learn about the game at your local club?

Is your current newsletter attractive to sponsors?

The Nearpost Blog is run by me, Eamonn Flanagan. Professional Author, Football Radio/Podcast Host on the Australian Community Radio Network, Football Club e-newsletter editor, Canberra Times journalist and former Teacher. Why not let me produce your club newsletter in a style/budget that suits you and your club?

Why not give your club the best football content in Australia?
Why not market your club to your players?
Why not reduce your printing costs and store all newsletters on line using e-technology, forever?
Why not track how many people are reading your newsletters making your newsletter more attractive to your sponsors?

The Nearpost can provide the latest football quiz content, with Socceroos, Matildas, A-League, W-League and Overseas content, the latest FFA updates, your Associations news and/or your junior player profiles. I can also advise on content and the best way to contact your parent/players.

Do you have a former Australian, A-League, W-League or National Championships representative from your club? Would you like your club to have that history stored online as an inspiration for our next generation?

Like to have your star former junior player tracked down with an interview, written or recorded, always live on your website? The Nearpost can do it. to listen to our latest star podcasts of Australian Young Socceroo Sydney FC's Kofi Danning and Canberra FC's Kahlia Hogg.

How it works:
I liaise with a designated member of your club and we work within your budget and set out the plan for the edition or the season.

I'll work with the club to produce a professional template for your first and every newsletter edition thereafter. It will include your club colours, motto, and crest if desired.

We'll discuss the price, delivery date and the content you wish for your first newsletter.

All local content including news, sponsor details, player profiles, photographs will be provided by you. (eg. I provide guidelines/proforma profiles for players to fill in.)

Each e-newsletter will be delivered online (or in pdf format) and can be stored on your website in graphic format; and distributed through your parents and player emails.

No more printing or distribution costs to your club.....ever!

So feel free to contact me. and lets talk football.

You decide how much you want to spend.
You decide how many e-newsletter you'd like per year.
You decide the content you wish to provide, and any you wish to use from my listed options.

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