Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sydney FC: Sold a Championship?

Sydney FC are rubbish. No matter what way you look at it. Too slow, lacking energy and passion, too inexperienced and a poor keeper to boot. And the Coach likes his team to play slow, almost's pathetic Vitislav.

You've heard the phrase, "they bought a championship," and you can readily name Chelsea, Man United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and many others who have.

But how many clubs have ever "sold a Championship?"

Sydney has.

Best keeper in the A-League, (Clint Bolton) best central defender, (Simon Colosimo) International experienced and technically gifted right midfielder (Karol Kisel) International Aussie striker with strength to hold the ball (John Aloisi) and add in the retiring Stevie Corica and the transfer of Chris Payne and this team has just lost, experience, and a strong defence.....from which to build.

Last season they were never pretty, never that good, but they had a defence but this season what do they have?

They need Alex Brosque and the bite and passion of Terry McFlynn but really the young guns look off the pace and the midfield Stuart Musialik and Nicky Carle totally ineffective. If the team reflect the Coach this team is boring and slow.

What has happened to Nicky Carle?

And Vitislav Lavicka is looking short of a plan, his team short of passion and energy.

And why does he water the pitch, it seems to hinder his own players more than the opposition.

Someone has to come bottom don't they?

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Anonymous said...

They do seem to have struggled to replace the playes who have exited. Though with the replacements greater things are expected of them

Much was made of how transformed they had become under the "Cultured" lavicka and I say he is obviously good value generally, but people seem to forget they won a lot of their games 1-0, and there was only one game vs the Jets where they were able to come from behind.

A Gand Final win on sport kicks, could have easily gone wither way and so it can't be necasarily said they "oupplayed" Victory with the supposedly backward Scottish born coach

They'll probably gel in due course