Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fox Sports aim to boost crowds?

As A-League crowds plummet or so it seems Fox Sports have come up with a novel way to get me to a game.

Ross Aloisi as co-commentator on more than one game a weekend! I can't take it.

Mike C and Robbie are not considered the finest pairing around my A-League friends but putting Ross into the mix is a step even lower.

His understanding of the game leaves a lot to be desired and this from a man who played so much. But he analyses the way he played; and it certainly gives the fan an insight into how a "professional" dog-fighting midfielder views the game.

Not pretty and gives the watching fan little insight.

Limited articulation from Ross and Robbie while fine in the studio, when you are watching a game, it's dire, it really is. Can't we do better?

Can't we have better off-siders. A dodgy commentator is one thing, but putting a dodgy match analyser alongside is hard to take. It really is!

Only one thing for it; I'll have to go to a game at this rate.

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Anonymous said...

It is pretty hard to listen to at times