Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sydney FC copy Gold Coast

Atmosphere? Sydney FC have had plenty over the year

But with costs spiralling as crowds plummet Sydney are aiming at copying the Gold Coast Franchise as soon as possible.

Away fans always add a little colour behind the goals at the Sydney Football Stadium but not anymore.

Sydney has moved them, but where to? Hidden away from camera leaving a completely empty stand.

Great for TV isn't it; but who thought of this wise plan. Promote them I say.

With more planning like this Sydney should be able to shut three sides of the stadium in just 2501 less fans time.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering what happened there as I couldn't see any of the CCM fans last week. it is a shame you can no longer see them, it is never a good look to see waves of empty seats on the TV arch

Another concern is the crowd of 7500 I heard from the announcer (notice how they aren't annoucing them during the broadcast anymore) when they are defending champions and following a World Cup