Wednesday, 15 September 2010

FFA: Grassroots blah blah blah

FFA and many Australians talk about the Grassroots saving the game, the A-League.

Well wake up Australia, and wake up Australia; they won't save anything, not yet anyway.

Have the FFA ever been to a grassroots club? Have they spent a few nights at training at your average grassroots club, or attended on matchday and listened to the conversations?

Grassroots talk League and AFL, and in Canberra Union. Sure they talk football when the Socceroos are winning but not when the A-League is on.

Grassroots don't know the A-League stars, they don't know when the games are, might not know who the teams in the league are and rarely go to a game.

Now do you get it!

Now if you relying on the grassroots to save the day then you better get out do something that engages the grassroots long-term.

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