Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Why Robbie Fowler is now worth watching

Robbie Fowler is sometimes called God by SMH journo Mike Cockerill but most of us just know him as an ex-Liverpool player who had basically completed his work by age 24!

For ten years he lived on his memories of his significant achievements at Liverpool and then he came to Australia. We wondered if Mr Fatty would pass the mark and he, surprisingly to us cynics, did. Just.

But wait he's moved to Perth and not unlike Dwight Yorke at Sydney FC in his deeper role Robbie is now a joy to watch.

He comes short and no-one ever picks him up. That makes me laugh. And of course you don't score regularly in the EPL without having great technique and vision and Robbie has that in abundance.

Delightful to watch.

When he gets the ball it's the way he keeps it, he's slow, but he can move the body and the ball so gracefully and I love his touch, his pass. The shorter the better, more exquisite.

The ageing Fowler craftily playing that short or long pass, always the right one, always so aware. And if he moves into the box he's always in the right spot. Every fan of football should take a peek before he's gone.

Dwight Yorke showed his class in Sydney and it was wonderful to watch a master mould and shape his team.

Robbie is doing the same in Perth. And the Perth boys need to use him just a little but more. Watch how he makes pace. How he's always available for the pass.

Also watch how often Perth miss the opportunity to involve one of the most sure-footed players in the league.

I've never been a Robbie Fowler fan, not even at the Fury. But now he's in Perth I'm tuning in every week.

He rocks!

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