Thursday, 2 September 2010

One man planning to take Muscat's crown?

Kevin Muscat is no more, not really. He still runs around like a football thug, intimidating players and refs, and he plays his pantomine villain role really really well.

We love it don't we? We boo and hiss unless your a Victory fan I guess.

But he's looking a little sillier and seems like the old men of Masters football, you know the ones who get so angry and they run up to belt someone but by the time they get there they run out of energy and can't remember why they are going to hit anyone.

Musky seems to be lacking a little passion for the fight, the real fight, and this is not helped when the angry man makes a few simple football errors or of course for those who have disliked his act over the years; they revel in it.

He missed that penalty and now seems to have lost his mantle. But who will take it on?

Nicky Carle? I jest.

Danny Tiatto and Craig Moore are gone.

Who else is there? Paul Reid, Matt McKay, John Hutchison, or outsider Steve Pantelidis they don't really cut it as the new Musky, nor of course do they have to.

There is one and he's top of the table.

Jacob Burns seems single handedly to have the mantle on. He's been kicking the proverbial out of anything and every thing and to get in the Refs ears at any opportunity.

Can he pull it off for a whole season?

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Anonymous said...

Jacob deserves the title. He's been hardman in waiting for many years. It's been an illustrious road in fact..
Little known fact... Mr Burns played midfield for Leeds United in a Champions League semi final v Real Madrid.. 6th march 2001

Real Madrid: Cesar Sanchez, Geremi, Hierro, Karanka, Solari, Makelele, Celades, McManaman, Figo, Morientes, Raul. Subs: Casillas, Salgado, Savio, Guti, Munitis, Tote, Rivera.

Leeds: Martyn, Harte, Radebe, Ferdinand, Matteo, Bakke, Dacourt, Batty, Kewell, Smith, Viduka. Subs: Robinson, Kelly, Wilcox, Burns, Maybury.