Thursday, 2 September 2010

Round 6: Who to watch?

Friday night football usually means Adelaide, good football, the boy Leckie and Flores but this week it's the Mariners.

Now Matt Simon, Nik Mrdja, Adam Kwasnik and Daniel McBreen don't excite me as a forward line to watch Oliver Bozanic, Michael McGlinchy and Irish international Paddy Perez do get me twitching.

But wait Perez is suspended and hence I expect I'll have to watch Archie romping through the Mariners defence like he did for years....but wait he's out as well.

Anyway can Arnie get his team to score? Can Melbourne breach the Mariners backline, probably. Fan Expectation factor 6.5/10 thanks to the FFA!

Perth at home; interesting but the workman like away team that is known as New Zealand football + Dylan McAllister...I'm yawning at the thought...if Perth weren't leaders and were likely to get less than 10,000 I'd probably miss this one...but might take a look. And if Jacob Burns kicks the bejaysus out of a few early I'll probably be so angry I'll stay with it. Entertainment potential 6/10

Heart v Queensland will be a cracker down at Aami Park, don't miss it. 9/10

Sydney v Adelaide; Oh Sydney not really exciting are they but most non-Sydney fans hate them so watching Leckie and Flores running past the Sydney defence could be fun...unless Nicky Carle lights up. (Championship football must be easy to play in!) entertainment potential 9/10

Newcastle v Brisbane 8/10 Could be a belter but the most exciting thing could be seeing if the game goes ahead. Jets need to win for a range of reasons, but first we need them to play. Roar to be tested? Matt Mckay the playmaker of the league? Did you see their last two goals?

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